Project Lolo Appoints Gregory Pitt as Vice President and Director

Non-Profit Organization Taps Durable Medical Equipment Patient Care Professional as Director and Vice President

Minneapolis, Minn. –May 8, 2018 – Gregory Pitt, Cornerstone Prosthetics Service Technician and former Otto Bock Patient Services Representative, was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Project Lolo, to serve through 2018.

“I am thrilled to embark on a journey that will help kids that need it most,” said Mr. Pitt. “These kids aren’t looking for special treatment only the same treatment and opportunity that every child deserves.”

Project Lolo is a global, non-profit organization headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, dedicated to helping provide access to orthopedic medical care and orthopedic devices, such as prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs to children. Project Lolo was founded in 2017 under the assertion that no child should ever be denied their right to life, healthcare, education or dignity because of their differing orthopedic abilities.

Leslie Pitt Schneider, Founder and President of Project Lolo, said, “As my brother, Greg understands the childhood perspective of living with limb loss almost as well as I know it myself. This, along with his professional background in the prosthetic, orthotic, and durable medical equipment industry brings a unique perspective to Project Lolo as we try to innovate and implement sustainable and long-term solutions for our partnering organizations.”

Gregory Pitt brings over twenty-five years of professional experience to the organization. His diverse background includes sales, experience directing patient care for an orthotic and prosthetic clinic and instructing skiing professionally, with an emphasis on adaptive programs in Colorado, Utah and Washington. Mr. Pitt also contributes a unique perspective, having experienced the impact of limb loss in his own household; his sister, Project Lolo Founder and President, was tragically run over by a gravel truck at the age of six. This experience ignited his passion for helping people with differing abilities, he finds working with patients directly to be especially rewarding and hopes to mentor other children directly and through Project Lolo’s work. Gregory Pitt resides in Snohomish, Washington, with his son.

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Project Lolo is a global, non-profit organization that advocates for children to live limitlessly. It helps children gain equal standing in life, with fundraising efforts to ensure children have access to orthopedic medical care and orthopedic devices such as wheelchairs, crutches and prostheses. Learn more at and follow Project Lolo on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Project Lolo Vice President and Director, Gregory Pitt

Project Lolo Vice President and Director, Gregory Pitt