Star Tribune Features Project Lolo Director and Head of Marketing in Business People Compilation

Star Tribune featured Project Lolo Director and Head of Marketing, Marisa Schroeder, in its Business People: May 20 compilation, for her appointment as Marketing Director for Project Lolo. Thank you for the recognition, Star Tribune!

Marisa Schroeder brings over eight years of professional marketing experience to Project Lolo and her background includes over seven years in boutique marketing agencies, working with clients spanning various industries including technology, sports, adult beverages, insurance and home services. She has a formal education in marketing and entrepreneurial leadership and holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Marisa recognizes and is empowered by the tremendous impact that Project Lolo can have on affected children’s lives, whose worlds are often unkind. Marisa Schroeder resides in Savage, Minnesota, with her family.

Project Lolo is a global, non-profit organization headquartered in Minnesota, dedicated to helping provide access to orthopedic medical care and orthopedic devices, such as prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs to children. Leslie Pitt Schneider founded Project Lolo in 2017 under the assertion that no child should ever be denied their right to life, healthcare, education or dignity because of their differing orthopedic abilities.

For more information on Project Lolo, its mission and fundraising efforts, please visit Project Lolo’s website or email

Project Lolo Director and Head of Marketing, Marisa Schroeder

Project Lolo Director and Head of Marketing, Marisa Schroeder