“There is hope for children with differing abilities”

Many of us here in the United States have children looking forward to upcoming school holidays, whether it be a long weekend for Presidents Day or a spring break. We often take education for granted or maybe assume that all children receive an education.

Globally, most cultures recognize the value of educating their children and giving them opportunity.  When that child has differing abilities however, their access to a basic education is not guaranteed or even provided. The World Health Organization estimates that 33 million children with disabilities are not receiving any education.  

Project Lolo was founded on the belief that no child should be denied their access to healthcare, education and even their dignity due to differing physical or cognitive abilities.   We were thrilled to discover an article written by Suzanne Grant Lewis addressing and acknowledging this fact:


In her article, the author states “children with disabilities being one of the most marginalized groups in education”

We are hopeful that more countries begin to recognize the worth and value children with differing abilities have to offer.  Once their cultures see their capabilities rather than their limitations, change is bound to happen.  It is Project Lolo’s mission to provide these children the care and devices they need to allow them to live life without limits and realize their full potential. 

There are many reasons why we strive to advocate and provide for vulnerable children in developing countries but there are only one or two ways how we can do that.  You are a very key part of the how.

Your contributions allow us to give these children the opportunity for education, dignity and a limitless life.  Project Lolo is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit and donations are tax deductible as allowed by this designation.

Thank you for helping make a difference!